Rosendaal Transport has been specialised in road transport for many years. As the roads and the transport world get busier there is a growing need for a stable partner to take good care of all your transportation requirements. We offer flexibility and use short communication lines to meet your requirements as quickly as possible.
Our professional drivers have many years of experience with all aspects of the transport world. They are very aware of what is expected of us and this helps us get the job done together. Our drivers have a modern vehicle fleet at their disposal, which is thoroughly equipped with solutions geared at guaranteeing continuity.

In order to precisely meet our customers’ needs our vehicle fleet is diverse and multifunctional. We use fewer lorries to transport the same volume. We are flexibly deployable for large volume orders, mixed goods and pallet transport. Our customers are mainly distribution centres for mixed goods, supermarkets, cask companies for the food industry and customers that provide shop interiors.
Tail lift for independently loading and
unloading in city centers, for example
Truck mounted forklift for indivisible
shipments such as long goods
Cooler for temperature controlled
transport from -25 ℃ to +25 ℃
The shop interiors we transport have to be in perfect condition in the shop. They often have a vulnerable finish and fragile components. Our short turnaround times require flexibility, reliability and a high degree of professionalism and service. The shop interiors are transported from the Netherlands to various European destinations, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, France and England.
The Netherlands
Providing transport within the Netherlands as efficiently as possible requires special knowledge. We cooperate with blue-chip partners to cover the entire area of the Netherlands. We can transport your goods anywhere in the Netherlands within 24 hours. This means we also guarantee deliveries subject to time agreements, e.g. at distribution centres or within time windows in urban centres.
Our long-term experience in transporting mixed goods in Germany helps us provide perfect transport solutions. Night transport and setting up an intermediary service restrict waiting times and help our drivers use their time to the max. Our vehicles are active in the regions of Koblenz, Frankfurt am Main and Karlsruhe on a daily basis.
Volume combinations & LHV
Some consignments or goods are too big for a normal lorry. We therefore have various volume combinations with load-through systems. These help us create a floorspace of 15.2 loading metres (38 euro pallet places). Furthermore, volume combinations provide space for goods with a height up to 295 centimetres - 30 centimetres more than in a normal lorry. Our use of Long Heavy Vehicles (LHV) since 2016 helps us make even better use of our lorries. An LHV has a total length of 25.25 metres and 21.6 loading metres in floor space. This provides room for at least 54 euro pallets.
Besides increasing flexibility for our customers, using both volume combinations and LHVs reduces material use and restricts carbon dioxide emissions. For Rosendaal Transport, this is all of key importance.