Your partner in transport

Rosendaal Transport is a family business which was founded in 1925. Currently, the fourth generation is preparing to take over the firm. Our vision is simple: a deal is a deal, and our service and personal contact are key.

Rosendaal Transport is specialised in road transport in the Benelux, England and Germany. However, you can also hire us for transportation to other European destinations.

Our vehicle fleet is diverse and multifunctional in order to meet customer requirements as precisely as possible. We use fewer lorries to transport the same volume. We are flexibly deployable for large volume orders, mixed goods and pallet transport.


Rosendaal Transport is specialised in transporting valuable or fragile goods by road in the Benelux, England and Germany. However, we also cater to other European destinations.

A frequently occurring activity of ours is collecting freight at different locations in Germany, for instance, and transporting it to various regions in the Netherlands. Our branch in Beek, situated at a junction between 3 major motorways on the German border (the A12, A18 and German A3) is very suitably placed.


Rosendaal Transport has 6,000 m2 storage space close to the German border. This is where we manage our clients’ stock based on bulk and rack storage. We use an advanced stock management system which informs both us and our clients of the status and location of their goods at any given time of the day.
We also offer extra services like Value Added Logistics. You can trust us to look after your goods from when they’ve been prepared for delivery until delivery time.


The environment is a top priority at Rosendaal Transport. Most of our fleet consists of Euro 6 vehicles. Our modern and flexible vehicle fleet is suitably future-proof. Among other things, our warehouse uses an electrical fork-lift truck and pump trucks.
There are no gas connections in our buildings; our offices are cooled and heated by an air heat exchanger system. Furthermore, we currently have 205 solar panels on our roofs and all our buildings have LED-lighting. Consequently, our building is carbon neutral.